Monday, September 7, 2009

Crunch time for artisan application and show!!!

I made another one for the show coming up in October. He started out as a traveling snake oil salesman from the "Old West". Instead, a fancy, pistol wearing, gambler strolled onto my work table. I actually made a cowboy hat from leather. No pattern, just cut and glued, shaped and stretched, threw away some bad attempts, finally nailed it! I'll have his hair and gunbelt ready in a few days and then I'll post him here. Honestly, you all should see how many efforts go into the trash for every one that comes out successful. Somehting like 3-4 to one. That's O.K., it used to be 8-10. Now that I just go with the flow of what character presents itself, I waste far less materials, time, and energy. I also am amazed at what I can do. I sometimes wish I could just make the doll I visualized, and sometimes I do, but I never know going into it when that will happen. That's why commissions take me longer than usual.
I now have my working time down to about 30 hours for a completed doll (more for commissions). Not too bad considering it used to take me a couple of months to finish one. I can make about one per week now with no trouble. It helps that I have more time to work during the day and my weekends free, too. I miss not having extra $ to go out and do fun things like travel and taking classes, but I wouldn't trade it for anything because I am finally working on making my dreams come true. One day soon it will come to me and I will have earned it myself and that is priceless to me. Thanks to all of you for helping me to realize that. You're definitely playing an important part in helping me to realize my potential as a person and an artist. By the way, you all have some really great blogs out there. I am amazed. now I have to "juice" mine up, too. Once I get my 5 pieces to the Guild (IGMA) for consideration for artisan status, I'll focus more on adding content here and to my website . I really am having a ball! Here's to feeling the fear and doing it anyway (no matter what it is)!

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