Tuesday, September 1, 2009

40's Film Star it is!

O.K. Tomorrow I'll put up a few types of fabric I want you to choose from for her dress. For now, what hair color should she have? Check the answer on the new poll (I'm loving the polls, can you tell?) Also choose her activity: on the phone, powdering her nose, wiping a tear away with a hankie, or other (even a combination of things...please specify by posting a comment). I'll get to work on her face and hands once I know what she'll be doing.
Oh yeah! I finished another doll for the show in October. It's the chubby face I told you about the other day. I started her out as a village maiden at a kissing booth for the autumn fair. She turned into a snooty village maiden returning from the spring flower market with flowers in her basket (basket made by my friend Francine Coyonne from France. This woman makes the most amazing baskets and they're really affordable. I'll try and post contact info for her this week.) Anyway, she almost resembles one of the wicked stepsister's from the animated version of Cinderella. I honestly didn't mean for it to happen that way. She just came out when I wasn't paying attention. Anyhoo, let me know what you think. (Oh great, now I have to go take pictures...again LOL!) I need ideas for a name. Suggestions? I hope you like her...here she is:


  1. I'm thinking something a little more exotic ~ maybe gesturing with her long cigarette holder.


  2. beautyfull doll..
    i am sorry i mist the poll...
    next time better..