Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to the clay!

Alright... I've burned my fingers way too much, grabbing spotlights that are WAY too hot to touch! I need to start producing again. I have to send 5 figures to the International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA) for consideration/application to become an Artisan in October. It's tough, but it will move me one step closer to become a working, professional artist. I have to send my best pieces. The criteria are pretty strict, but I've been studying them and refining my technique with an eye toward meeting and exceeding them. AND I want to have at least 12-15 figures ready to sell at the trade show which is 3 days before the deadline for Artisan application.

I need more dolls! I will not, however, start "cranking 'em out" just for the sake of having them. Once I start doing that, I might as well just hang it up because I won't enjoy it and it will come through in the work and they won't mean anything to anyone because they won't mean anything to me.

Moving on...O.K., so, here's a picture of the latest one in process. He'll be a sort of a winter wizard/shaman with leather overtunic and he'll have long blue/gray mohair. I am rather proud of the face I did for him. Lots of detail. As always, speak up and give me feedback, folks. It means a lot. Mike


  1. Your work is wonderful. Found you on Small Stuff Digest and have added your blog to my blogroll over at


  2. Hi Mike,
    Found you via Small Stuff too.....fantastic work and a really interesting blog.
    Look forward to reading more :-)

  3. Mike, again just wonderful! He looks like he has a good secret about our future but he's not likely to tell.

  4. Brilliant Dolls, James Carrington is a real inspiration to others and such a down to earth person! Good luck with your IGMA submission!