Thursday, August 13, 2009

Commission Mission part 2

Hey!! Back sooner than I thought. Wanted to show you 2 more commissions I made (one quite recently). The first is a French Revolutionary period Marie Anoinette inspired figure I made for June Clinkscales. June is one of my favorite miniature artists. She makes the most fantastic, dramatic, and unbelievable furniture and accessories. Her furniture inspired me to make the figures for that period; the french nobleman pictured on my first blog page (aug 12) and this one. If you haven't seen her work, then get on over to and check it out. Even if that period is not your thing, I promise you, something will catch your eye. she does all her own woodworking and is quite the power tool afficionado as you can tell. Besides that, she is one of the SWEETEST people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. If you get to see her at the shows (Philly, Chicago, California area) tell her that Mike...her "doll maker" said "Hey!" (I'm from the southeastern part of N.C., by the way). Anyhoo, the second doll is a fairy that I mad for the same lady for whom I made the "old lady who lives with the fairies". (I'm trying real hard with the grammar here, folks! tee hee). I used real (cleaned and sterilized) cicada wings (and yes, the cicada had expired naturally when I procured said wings with surgical scalpel, forceps AND latex gloves.) I felt like a surgical asst. Because I'm a boy who grew up in the south, It was powerfully tempting to just pick it up, pluck 'em off, and slap 'em on with a dab o' glue. I am aware, however, of the hygiene and/or ethical issues involved in passing dirty bug wings on to an unsuspecting client and their loved ones. ~LOL~ Yes, Mama, I have indeed grown up. {Said the 40 yr. old man who makes dolls:-}

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