Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help me design and create this doll!

O.K. so I learned how to do a poll on this blog. COOL! Now it's up to you. There aren't too many followers yet, so this should be easy. You all let me know which of the choices you think I should go with...Next Monday (august 31st) I'll tally them up and post the results and start work. I'll take polls throughout the process to see which direction you all want me to go with costuming, wigging, etc. Here's your chance. Let me be your hands. Let the fun begin... If you want to share another suggestion other than those listed. Do it by leaving/posting a comment. Oh F.Y.I. I think I sculpted my first really good African American face last night. It just appeared when I was playing with the clay and I went with it. I'll post pics tomorrow once I've refined it a little and taken a casting to smooth it up. On with the poll...

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