Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Blog for my character figures

Welcome to my blog! My name is Mike Barbour and I'm a "doll-maker". More specifically, I hand-sculpt and dress 1/12 scale character figures. Most of my figures are used in miniature settings in standard dollhouse scale of 1"=1'. For example, a 5 foot tall person would be a 5 inch figure. I have been working with miniatures for about 6 years and dolls/figures for about 4 of those years.

Above: Guild School 2009

I Never, Ever thought I would be making and costuming dolls. The thought never occured to me. It just sort of fell into my lap and events conspired to take me in this direction. Once I made my first one, though, under the expert guidance of master doll maker Jamie Carrington, that was all it took. I look at the whole world differently now. I assume this is what artists must feel like when they see everything in terms of how they can express what they are perceiving through their artwork. I just happen to want to do that through clay, wires, fabric, leather, and paint. I'll be sharing about how I come up with some of my pieces and things that inspire me as well as some of the more challenging things I learn as I try to keep getting better. I hope you enjoy. I'll post a few pics regularly as I go. Here are a few to start off.

"StoryTeller" (in a private collection)

French Nobleman (in a Private collection)