Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wise Elders in your art and in your life!

Well, I did it. I resigned from my last part time pilates teaching/training job in order to grow my massage practice and focus on my figures and dolls. Scary in a way, but the "pressure" is just the stimulus I need to get out of what had started to be a very deep and stagnant personal rut. today I am posting progress pics on my mage/wizard (NOTE: focus on the costuming progress, not the hair right now LOL!). I got his undergarment assembled and attached. I sewed a simple funnel type tube which fit over his body and draped down to his boots. I am also trying to come up with a sleeve material and design which will accentuate the theme and be (sculptable) moldable. Cat Wingler ( IGMA Fellow) told me a couple of years ago that costuming is just an extension of the sculpting process. She stressed the importance of treating the material as another medium like the clay to be manipulated to create effect and maximize impact". Listen to what the experienced "elders" (referring to wisdom, not necessarily age) of this art form have to tell you. Soak it up, people! It will save you SO much otherwise wasted time and effort (and resources). Get over your own ego and take what they are offering. Especially in the miniatures industry, there is so much priceless experience that people are eager to share. There is a genuine desire to see new potential artists succeed. It will be worth every moment and/or penny spent to learn what they have to offer. Give them credit every chance you get and thank them. One day, it may be your turn. Imagine how you'd like to be treated. Everyone likes to feel appreciated (especially when they deserve it). Oh YEAH! I have something really fun for you all tomorrow. A chance to help me finish and design a doll that I've gotten a basic sculpt for. she's cool!!! On with the pictures...


  1. Oooohhh...big step...good luck !

    And I totally agree to listen to your elders....great advice and somehting I am doing right now.

    Goof luck with dressing him....I just discovered that I am hating sewing....still no choice now :-)

  2. Glue it girl...seriously..I LOVE/hate gluing. You'll get the hang of it. Remember, "sculpt" the costume. Just make sure you clean up all the excess glue. I love clear fabric glues. the excess pulls right off when completely dry (otherwise it just smears). Hang in there!