Friday, August 14, 2009

Photo Quality!

O.K., I can make the figures, but can I take publishable pictures of them? I have put down my clay and taken up the halogen spotlights! My Mom, Sandra, gave me a really great light tent with halogen spopts for taking good pictures for eBay, Etsy and (hopefully)websites and print work (magazines, brochures, etc.) I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have help coming from experienced artists and photojournalists who are being VERY patient with me. Here are some of my latest dolls photographed using new backgrounds and new lighting and a better camera! Feedback is always
Here are 2 new photos. The first is "Butter Beans & Ear Rubs". The other is "Fresh Bread" They're recent figures I made for an upcoming show in October. I hope you like them. They're definitely more traditional dollhouse and/or miniature scene figugres. I do like to do normal stuff, too, everyone ;)
Take it easy and do something unusual and creative today. It brings the fun back to your life!


  1. Your characters are so realistic and fantastic. Awesome job!!!

  2. Thank you so much patchesnva!...M