Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Commission Mission

Hello Again! I wanted to add a few more photos so you can see the range of figures and dolls I am making as commissions. I always enjoy taking commissions as it helps me to expand my artistic reach and learn new lessons in costuming as well as sculpting technique. The doll to the right was a commission for a friend of mine who has a house full of fairies in various sizes and poses doing all sorts of things. She needed "an older lady who lives with and takes care of the fairies. " She wanted a dreamy, whimsical quality for the character while keeping her decidedly human. This was the first time I had sculpted bare feet in anything other than a flat on the floor position. I was glad she challenged me to come up with this. I think it adds a rhythm and movement to the doll that I could echo with the trailing ribbon and rolling hemline (trick I learned with a little wire in the hem!) Voila.. I didn't want to give this one up when she was done! Oh well. On to the next new thing, right. Speaking of that, later today I'll put up a couple more commission pieces I've done. Back to the studio for now.....

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